BDI Ticket Class 4hr to get points off license Registration

Course Payment Options
Purchase Online: $70.00
Purchase before day of class: $70.00
Purchase day of class: $70.00

If there are not enough people to hold the class (need at least 4) we will let you know 1 week in advance, then you have the options of using a computer at our STUART location during a week day in the mornings or you can get a full refund. There are no guarantees of a class but we will always try our best.

The 4 hour BDI course is available in the classroom on certain nights or online. All BDI class will allow you to remove points from your license and may lower your insurance. After you complete the Point Reduction class online or live, we can electronically send your completion certificate to the Drivers License Office. You will receive a certificate as well, which you should copy & mail to the Clerk of Courts in the county in which you received your ticket, this is your responsibility. The class is $48 pre-paid or $53 the day of class.

You must have your Citation # and physical Driver's License with you when you arrive to receive your certificate at the end of class. If you don't have these you will not receive your certificate on that day. 

It is 100 % YOUR responsibility to turn your certificate into the Clerk of Courts in the County you received your citation. We upload the results to the state, but it is 100% your responsibility to turn in your copy. It is NOT official until you turn that in. 


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Required if registrant is under 18 years old.
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