Drivers Education Registration

WE NOW GIVE THE DMV ROAD TEST in Stuart,  Fort Pierce, Vero Beach, and West Palm Beach WITH NO WAITING AT THE DMV! This service is not part of the Free Drivers Education program.  

Any student who attends Indian River Charter School is eligible for this FREE Drivers Ed Program but will register via the VBHS or SRHS sites after reading below so long as the student is able to be in attendance according to starting and ending times at their "zoned high school".
INDIAN RIVER CHARTER HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS MUST ENTER the high school they would be zoned for based on the home address in Indian River County at the bottom of the registration form where it asks for Please list any medications being taken or any limitations or exceptions: Failure to do this or listing the wrong zoned school will render the registration null and void.  Make sure you also read all rules the accompany this program when you click the box for both PARENT and STUDENT during the registration process.
To sign up you must choose the HIGH SCHOOL either Vero Beach or Sebastian River (NEVER BOTH) that you are zoned for from the home page of our website and then click the white sign that says DRIVERS ED AT MY SCHOOL/ then click INDIAN RIVER COUNTY/ then choose the correct High School once again either VBHS or SRHS.
In other words, if you didn't attend IRCH what high school would you actually attend based 100% on where you live in Indian River County. If you choose the wrong high school your registration will be considered NULL and VOID.
If you have questions call our office at 772-220-0510.
This program made possible by The Indian River County School District / The Dori Slosberg Act / and A Treasure Coast Driving School.
There will be two shared (3-hour drives) during the classroom sessions and will take place on Monday, Wednesday or Friday.  The drives will be scheduled after the classroom sessions are solidified.  (Coming soon) You can also take your real driving test with us and get a waiver that allows you to go to the DMV and just get your picture taken even if you didn't take driver's ed with us.  Learn to drive safely as well as confidently. Learners permit IS REQUIRED for Drivers Ed.  If you need a 4-hour drug and alcohol class (Step 1 for a permit) and if you need to take the Learners Permit test (Step #2) YOU CAN DO IT all online SIMPLE AND EASY JUST CLICK HERE.  You can take the course in one 4 hour session and pay later or work on it in smaller sessions allowing you to log in and out...these do require a separate charge that EVERYONE in the State of Florida must pay.    http://www.atreasurecoastdrivingschool.com/pages/online_courses 


License Information
Contact Information
Birth Date

You must read and agree with the Rules and Guidelines. You can download a printable version HERE.


you will receive an email conformation at the address(s) you provided above. Look on the bottom of the email to see what seat number you have been assigned. Enrolling in more than one 9 week session will CANCEL all registrations for the year. Call 772-220-0510 if you need to change a 9 week session