ST EDWARDS SCHOOL - Indian River County

Drivers Education Registration

DID YOU KNOW YOU CAN KNOW TAKE THE FLORIDA DMV ROAD TEST WITH US?  no waits, lines, or hassles call 772-220-0510.
You must TYPE IN THE DATE AND CLASS LETTER(S) you want to attend where it asks for "MEDICAL OR LIMITATIONS" AT THE VERY BOTTOM of registration.
(Can be a makeup LOCATION for all SLCSD, MCSD, IRCSD students),
IF YOU ARE NOT A ST. EDWARDS STUDENT then You MUST register for this class or classes, you can not just show up...but as long as its on the website we are having it...***you should check back the day before class just to be sure. Classes DO NOT HAVE TO BE TAKEN IN A, B, C, D order...You can also attend other schools A, B, C, D classes if you have to miss a class...just check "course calendar" on home page and look for FULL PACKAGE classes on Saturdays at other school sites.
  • St Edwards Winter Session 2016
  • Saturday       Jan. 9,  2016     Class A      8:00am-12:00pm      
  • Saturday       Jan. 23, 2016    Class B      8:00am-12:00pm       
  • Saturday       Jan. 30  2016    Class C      8:00am-12:00pm      
  • Saturday       Feb. 20,2016    Class D      8:00pm-12:00pm
  • St Edwards SPRING Session 2016 
  • Saturday      March 19, 2016  Class C     8:00am-12:00pm
  • Saturday      March 19, 2016  Class D     12pm-4:00pm
  • Saturday      April 2,      2016  Class A     8:00am-12:00pm
  • Saturday      April 2,      2016  Class B     12pm-4:00pm
  • St Edwards Summer Session #1 2016 
    Monday        June 13, 2016     Class A       8am-12pm
    Tuesday       June 14, 2016     Class B       8am-12pm
    Wednesday  June 15, 2016     Class C      8am-12pm
    Thursday      June 16, 2016     Class D       8am-12pm
  • St Edwards Summer Session #2 in August  2016 TBA
  • St Edwards FALL Session TBA 
  • This program is nationally recognized and will teach your teen to drive safely.
    Step 1: Do the drug & alcohol class at the web-site atreasurecoastdrivingschool.com or attend a class live... call 772-299-0510 you have to be 14 years old.
    Step 2: Get your learners permit at web site* or call DHSMV, you have to be 15 years old with permit or license to do IN CAR lessons
    Step 3: Call our office 772-220-0510 for more info.
    Get your 4hr Drug-Alcohol Class and Learners Permit if you don't already have it click here.


    License Information
    Contact Information
    Birth Date

    You must read and agree with the Rules and Guidelines. You can download a printable version HERE.


    you will receive an email conformation at the address(s) you provided above. Look on the bottom of the email to see what seat number you have been assigned. Enrolling in more than one 9 week session will CANCEL all registrations for the year. Call 772-220-0510 if you need to change a 9 week session