Traffic School - I Got a Ticket

4 Hour Basic Driver Improvement Course (Point Reduction Class)

If Attending a Classroom Course You Must Also Bring Your Drivers License
Along With Your Citation Number, County and State

The 4 hour BDI course is available in the classroom on nights or weekends or online. This class will allow you to remove points from your license and may lower your insurance. After you complete the Point Reduction class online or live, we will electronically send your completion certificate to the DHSMV. You will receive a certificate as well, which you should copy & mail to the Clerk of Courts in the county in which you received your ticket.

Enroll in Classroom Course
Enroll in Classroom Course

8 Hour Court Ordered Course

This is a class given online only for drivers who have gotten another ticket within 12 months of being in a class for point reduction or completing a class online already.

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12 Hour Advanced Driver Improvement Course (License Reinstatement Class)

This class will allow a person to have their license reinstated due to multiple suspensions,The course is 12 hours long and is only available online and you may log off and log back on.

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