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ARE YOU CURRENTLY A TEACHER or a retired teacher...Do you know a teacher?
You could work for the best driving school in the state and arguably the nation.

If you are a teacher and always looking for that satisfaction that all teachers get when someone learns something because of YOU. This is the greatest part time job ever! You make your own schedule! Great pay rates and some people use the car for personal errands and back and forth to school. Call us at 772-220-0510 or email your resume' to ATCdrivingHELP@gmail.com

941 SE Central Parkway Stuart FL 34994 772-220-0510 ATCdrivingschool@gmail.com

941 SE Central Parkway is between Auto Zone and Tijuana Flats restaurant off US #1. Just turn west off US #1 and we are in the Blue Tile Roof buildings (The Central Parkway Professional Center) on the north side of the road, less than 100 yards. We are a state of the art facility that uses proven methods of instruction. All of our instructors are real teachers in the public school systems and many have Masters Degrees in education as well. WE ARE NOW ABLE TO ADMINISTER THE Driver's License ROAD TEST as an addition to the services that we already offer. This means we UPLOAD the results to the Driver's License Office on the spot which means you don't have to go wait anymore. Come and see why we are the exclusive Drivers Education provider for MARTIN and ST LUCIE COUNTY public schools and many private schools in Indian River and Palm Beach Counties! Keeping in mind that we have now taught over 100,000 safe and confident drivers in our 25 year span.

"Part of Our 24 vehicle fleet"
Which one will you be driving?

A Treasure Coast Driving School has 24 cars that we own outright and operate. Our five brand new 2018 Toyota Corolla Im's (these are cool) are partly sponsored by Treasure Coast Toyota of Stuart and used in the public school programs in Martin County as well as for some private driving lessons in Martin County. You will learn to drive in a vehicle that is fully insured as well as licensed by the state of Florida. Our vehicles have dual braking systems that allow us to stop the car in emergency situations although that rarely happens. Rest assured that you have found the best driving school in the state of Florida and quite possibly the entire county. Lets get started!

John Bolen
Owner/Administrator and Authorized "ROAD TEST" Examiner

John Bolen, was born in Rittman, Ohio where he received his B/S in Education from Kent State University. John also played college and semi-pro football in Northeastern Ohio for the Akron Bulldogs for many years and was a captain of the team that won 35 games in a row over a 3 year span. John just retired from Martin County Schools where he was a PE teacher since 1988 so you can do the math for how many years. John was past President of the Florida Professional Driving School Association and still an active member. He was also the Executive Vice President of the Driving School Association of the Americas and a member of the Board and still an active member. He has also written and teaches courses that are used by the State of Florida to train prospective Drivers Ed Instructors who wish to become instructors for any driving school wishing to operate in our state. He has taught physical education at Crystal Lake Elementary from 1988-1995, and at MCHS from 1995-1997. John has been teaching physical education at Port Salerno Elementary school from 1997 to present date. John has also coached MCHS baseball from 1987-1994, and MCHS football from 1988-1997, and again from 1999 to 2001. John has many areas of interest which include his family, playing drums, and woodworking. When asked, "why do you enjoy teaching drivers education?" John responded, "I like teaching students valuable skills which they can use the rest of their lives as well as seeing them become more confident in their ability to drive both physically and mentally." John Bolen is certified to teach all classes that ATCDSI offers.

Kendall Bolen
Office Manager/ Day to Day operations / Behind The Wheel Coordinator/ Accounts Manager / Authorized "ROAD TEST" Examiner

Kendall comes to us from University of Central Florida where he graduated with a degree in Psychology in 2015. Kendall was involved in Ice Hockey growing up and played at a very high level across the United States during his teen-aged years and beyond. He was also able to maintained a very high GPA all through college as well as during high school at Jacksonville Bolles. Kendall has taken over running the Stuart office and all day to day operations for A Treasure Coast Driving School...like he has been there from day one. Yes, he is our owners son so it may be "naturally" in his blood. Kendall brings a fresh new vision and outlook to A Treasure Coast Driving School and he will be the person who keeps track (bookkeeping wise) of what, when, and how you paid. He is also the coordinator for all of the high school and PRIVATE driving programs. He also enters all the data to the state for ticket and drug and alcohol classes. We look to Kendall for any verification of payment/attendance/ or make up issues. He also works with John the owner on ideas and projects to keep ATCDSI.

Cathy Oliver
Front office reception / On Road Coordinator / Queen of the phone & emails :) Spanish Speaking and gives Road Test in STUART ONLY in Spanish Authorized "ROAD TEST" Examiner

Cathy is originally from Miami, Florida and is married with two lovely kids. She is bilingual, speaking both Spanish and English and has a degree in Crime Scene technology from Keiser University. She is the happy and beautiful voice behind the phone when you call in to our office. Cathy is very enthusiastic and willing to assist you whenever you call with questions! So If you have any questions, she’s got the answers! Cathy also monitors our emails inquires and will be the person who is sending you info. Last but not least she will also be the person who assigns you a driver (who pick you up at your house) when you are looking for private driving lessons. Cathy has been a great addition to our ATCDSI staff.

Ed Geiger
Private Driving Lessons West Stuart and Hobe Sound also teaches all classes at ATCDSI and Authorized "ROAD TEST" Examiner

Ed is married to Amiee and has quite a large family...6 kids, yes 6! Ed is the athletic director at South Fork High School as in the past was an administrator/teacher at W.T. Dwyer High School. Ed is certified and has taught ESE before becoming an administrator. Ed was ATCDSI's first employee 26 years ago and is also John Bolen's (the owner and founders) best friend. Ed has been a head football coach as well in Martin and St Lucie Counties. Ed teaches all classes that are available at ATCDSI as well as having hundred's of repeat/referral customers due to the enormous amount of students that he has instructed behind the wheel over the years. When asked why do you like teaching drivers education, Ed responded "its something that students will remember for their entire life plus I enjoy using ATCDSI's program and watching new drivers really understand how the fit into the complete scheme of driving safely and defensively." Ed is a certified DMV ROAD TESTER as well.

Skip Morgan
Martin County High School / Martin County Private Behind the Wheel Drivers Ed Instructor / Authorized "ROAD TEST" Examiner

Skip Morgan, Was born in Shreveport, La, and attended college at Northwestern State in Louisiana from 1970-1974, where he received his Bachelor's Degree in Education. Skip has been a teacher for 39 years and a resident of Martin County for 30 years. He was hired as our second instructor 24 years ago and is obviously still with us. He has taught Physical Education and Drivers Education at MCHS and is also a Key Club Sponsor. He also coached Wrestling at MCHS in 1996, and has been the Head Coach for Boy's Tennis at MCHS from 1988 to present. Skip has also coached Football at MCHS from 1988 til 2002. Skip has many areas of interest, which include fishing and all sports. When asked, "Why do you like teaching Drivers Education?", Skip responded' "I like teaching students who don't know much about driving and turning them into drivers who will be safe and follow the rules of the road." Skip is also a backup classroom Instructor and does "On Road" lessons in Palm City, Stuart, Sewall's Point, Hobe Sound, & Jensen Beach and all of Martin County.

Mark Palau
Sebastian River High School & Sebastian/Vero Beach Private lessons

Mark was a teacher in St Lucie County for 28 years as a teacher, coach and ended his career being the dean of students. Yes he does have a soft side and many of his students enjoy his sense of humor as he is teaching them to drive. Mark graduated from U MASS with a B/S in Physical Education. Mark obtained his masters degree from Southern Connecticut State University in Traffic Safety and Education. Mark's daughter plays varsity lacrosse at U MASS, so Mark will sometimes spend the weekend up north watching is daughter. Mark has taught drug & alcohol classes, point reduction classes and is looking forward to teaching our program at Sebastian River High School as well as doing private lesson in Sebastian, Indian Rive County, and Northern Fort Pierce.

Diego Pasca
Vero Beach High School Classroom/On Road Instructor as well as Vero Beach "private" lessons.

Diego is currently a teacher at Vero Beach High School and was a lacrosse coach for the past 2 years. Diego graduated from Long Island University with a degree in English literature and writing and a Master's degree in Adolescent Education. There he played hockey and met the love of his life, his wife Lianna. My wife and I decided to move to florida in 2015 and have loved our decision ever since. He lives with his family in Vero and comes to us highly recommended from Randy Payne who also teaches our program at Vero Beach High School. Diego has been authorized by the drivers license office, as well as by A Treasure Coast Driving School in current methods of instruction. Diego says it will be a unique and exciting experience to see students learn this system and become safe successful drivers. These are crucial skills for all drivers to hold onto for the rest of their lives.

Rob Romano
Jensen Beach High School / Martin County / Port St Lucie private Behind The Wheel Instructor

Rob Romano, has been teaching at Jensen Beach High School and the Martin County School District for 11 years in a variety of capacities. Rob has taught Health and Physical Education and is a Certified Special Education Teacher as well. He spent three years in the Dean's Office as the Behavioral Specialist and additional time as the Facilitator in the Student Support Center. Mr. Romano has coached both football and baseball at the high school. Rob has worked for A Treasure Coast Driving School for 10 years as an On-Road Instructor and classroom teacher. Over the years Rob has taught over 6,000 students behind the wheel in addition Rob teaches the Drug & Alcohol Course as well as the Point Reduction Class. Some of Rob’s hobbies and interests include working out and playing racquetball. He is a sponsored by E-Force and is a ranked player nationally and in the state of Florida. Prior to becoming a teacher Rob spent over twenty years, as a senior executive in the Health Fitness & Rehabilitation Industry. When asked, "Why do you enjoy teaching drivers education?" Rob responded, “I like teaching kids something that they will use over a lifetime, long after they retire from their careers! It also helps me daily and is a reminder on the things I must do to be a safe driver."

James Norcia
Fort Pierce Westwood High School / Fort Pierce / St Lucie County Private Behind the Wheel Instructor

James Norcia is a teacher at Fort Pierce Westwood High School, and has taught Life Skills classes for the past 3 years. Mr. Norcia has also been a teacher in St. Lucie County for 15 years. He taught 3 years in Indian River County. He has been an educator for a total of 18 years. Jim will also give driving lessons in Port St Lucie, Fort Pierce, and all of St Lucie County and has been with ATCDSI for 5 years. He will be A Treasure Coast Driving School's instructor for Fort Pierce Westwood High School for the next 2012-2013 school year. He is originally from Connecticut and relocated to Florida thirty-one years ago. He attended college at Nova University in FL. Mr. Norcia also enjoys writing and playing music as well as creating art and restoring muscle cars. When he was asked...Why do you like teaching Drivers Education, Mr. Norcia responded by saying "I enjoy teaching young adults meaningful life skills and I also love to do anything pertaining to cars and driving"

Eddie Arroyo
St Lucie West Centennial / Fort Pierce / Port St :Lucie / St Lucie County Private Behind The Wheel Instructor

Eddie is A Treasure Coast Driving School's instructor for Fort Pierce/ Westwood High School for the past 5 years and Eddie also does St Lucie West Centennial's behind the wheel driving during the Drivers Education classes at SLWCHS. Eddie also does private behind the wheel lessons for all of St. Lucie County. Eddie will also give driving lessons in Port St Lucie, Fort Pierce, and all of St Lucie County. Eddie is from New York City and went to college at New York City. Eddie has been with ATCDSI for 17 years. Eddie and also enjoys fishing, boating, and relaxing When Eddie, was asked...Why do you like teaching Drivers Education Eddie responded by saying "I love the feeling I get when one of my students passes the driver's license exam and gets their license and is a good, safe driver. For me, just knowing that I had a part in them becoming a safe and responsible driver is very rewarding."

Jeff Padgett
Martin County High School / Martin County Private Behind the Wheel Instructor

Jeff (also know as Coach Padgett) is a PE teacher at Martin County High School and has been with A Treasure Coast Driving School for 8 years. Jeff helps with the behind the wheel driving lessons at Martin County High and can also do the classroom portions if needed. Jeff also give private driving lessons in Martin County during the summer and when needed at other times of the year. Jeff said he like teaching drivers education because "the young drivers are the most impressionable and it nice knowing that I am able to help them."

Sandra Davis
Fort Pierce Lincoln Park Academy High School Classroom & Behind The Wheel Instructor

Sandra was born in Fort Lauderdale and attended Grace Fellowship College in Milton FL from 1983 through 1986. She has participated in Volleyball and Cheerleading in the past and also has coached these two sports as well. She has been with ATCDSI for 6 years now and Sandra enjoys crafts, playing the piano, and singing in her spare time away from Lincoln Park and teaching Drivers Education. She was a teacher at Bible Baptist. Defuniak Springs, and Grace Fellowship Christian schools in the past. When asked why do you like teaching Drivers Education Sandra said "I enjoy helping students and making a difference in their lives. Driving is a very important part of everyone's life so it needs to be educational and fun to learn. I feel I am able to accomplish both when I'm teaching".

Rob Howell
Behind The Wheel Instructor in Palm Beach County and Authorized "ROAD TEST" Examiner

Rob was born in West Palm Beach, Fl. and has remained in Palm Beach County most of his life. Robert has been a teacher in Palm Beach County for 16 years and has been with ATCDSI for 5 years.. He has taught middle school, elementary school, and has been a teacher at William T. Dwyer High School for the past 11 years. Before becoming a teacher, Robert worked in the field of Juvenile Justice helping youths find ways to cope with their lives. Robert holds a Masters of Education from Florida Atlantic University specializing in Varying Exceptionalities (special education). Rob will doing private lessons in Palm beach County as well as working with The Benjamin School and Jupiter Christian. Robert likes travel, fishing, and kayaking. “When asked why do you like teaching Driver’s Education?” Robert replied, “I like seeing that light bulb of comprehension appear over my student’s head when they realize they just got the concept I am teaching.”

Bill Buntin
On Road Private lessons throughout Martin County / Authorized "ROAD TEST" Examiner

Bill Buntin is new to our team. Before being certified and trained as a Drivers Ed instructor Bill was a World History teacher at Stuart Middle School and Social Studies teacher at Spectrum and Willoughby Learning Center. Before his public school teaching venues he was a SIM Flight Trainer in Miami for commercial airline pilots both american and foreign students. Bill was also an international pilot for DELTA before retiring from his captain position for 30 years. We are super excited to have Bill with us. Bill has a unique perspective from his past careers and started with us because he has a son who he was teaching to drive and wanted us to do it instead of him. We struck up a conversation and as they say the rest is history.

Steve Harold
Brevard County / Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy Classroom and ON ROAD Trainer. Private Driving Lessons Behind The Wheel in Brevard County

Steve was a 4th generation Miamian (yes 4th!). He graduated from Miami Dade Community College and the Miami Dade Police Academy (formerly Dade County Public Safety Academy). Steve served 28 years working road patrol, as a detective, road sergeant, accident investigator and in firearms training. Steve has taught driver's education in the classroom and new driver's training behind the wheel in Brevard County since 2010. When not teaching Steve can be found on his farm in south Brevard growing exotic fruit trees, hiking, fishing and hunting.

Thomas "Tom" Maher
BEHIND THE WHEEL Instructor Palm Beach County / Authorized "ROAD TEST" Examiner

Tom was born and spent a significant part of his life in Connecticut. He attained a BA in Hospitality Management from St. Thomas University and a MS in Secondary Education, Social Studies from the University of New Haven. He taught for 18 years as high school History and Social Studies teacher, mostly in a private school setting in both Connecticut and Florida. His teaching career began at Kolbe Cathedral High School in Bridgeport, CT. Tom moved to Florida in 2002 and worked at South Fork High School, The Benjamin School and Oxbridge Academy. Besides the classroom, Tom enjoyed coaching golf, swimming and field events (discus & shot). He is a big hockey and football fan, and his new passion is learning to become a Web Developer. One of his favorite pastimes is spending time with his dog. Tom is excited to help new drivers learn an essential life skill.

Jodi Conard
Indian River County / Vero Beach / Sebastian Driver Ed Instructor and Authorized "ROAD TEST" Examiner

Jodi Conard was born in Des Moines , Iowa . Jodi attended Iowa State University - B.S. (PE Dance) FAU - El. Ed added on ESOL towards 15 + Masters. Jodi has been teaching for 30 years and has been teaching in St. Lucie County for 18 years. She has been with ATCDSI for 18 years and still loves her job. She is also a Realtor for First Co. of Vero Beach for 18 years. Jodi has taught P.E. all grades K-12 and El Ed. P.E., 4 TH and 5 th grade. She has coached Volleyball, Golf, Basketball, Swimming, Track and Field and Tennis. Her main hobbies and interest are plating Tennis and her 2 Labrador 's (Maggie and Beamer) When asked, "Why do you enjoy teaching drivers education?" Jodi responded, "I like the one on one in the car and I enjoy seeing everyone be safer on the road" Jobs performed at ATCDSI are On Road Instructor in Vero Beach and Ft. Pierce. Jodi also runs ATCDSI's program at St. Ed's High School.

Dorcas Boucher
Martin County High School Drivers Ed Instructor

Dorcas is currently teaching at Martin County High School in the E.S.E Department. Dorcas has been a teacher for 27 years and has been in charge of MCHS's classroom portion for 12 years. Dorcas is the Class of 2007 sponsor, and also sponsors SADD/SWAT. Dorcas said she enjoys teaching drivers education because it is real world stuff. Educated drivers are better drivers and she enjoys being part of that.

Stephanie Jacobs
Classroom/Behind the Wheel Instructor South Fork High School / Authorized "ROAD TEST" Examiner

Stephenie Jacobs was born in Stuart Florida and raised in (Pahokee, FL) the Glades. She attended Florida Atlantic University and obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education. She has been a teacher for the Martin County School District for the last 18 years and with ATCDSI for 3 years. After teaching elementary and middle school, she moved up to high school and now teaches English at South Fork High School where she has been for the last 10 years. Stephenie enjoys reading, hiking and mountain biking. When asked why do you like teaching Drivers Education? She responded by saying “I enjoy teaching students to become safe and responsible drivers, this is a life skill that they will use all of their adult driving years.”

Ben Lawrynas
MCHS on road instructor and Private Lessons in Martin & St Lucie County / Authorized "ROAD TEST" Examiner

Ben is a Social Studies teacher at Martin County High School and is also a football coach at MCHS. Ben lives in Port St Lucie with his family. Ben is starting his second year with ATCDSI. He graduated from The University of Maryland College Park with a B/S in Criminology/Criminal Justice and also attended James Madison for his teaching degree. In the past Ben also taught Drivers Education for AAA as well as at the Police Academy and Emergency Vehicle Operations center in Virginia. Ben is loving our system of teaching Drivers Ed and adds a little of his own spice to the mix because of his past experiences.

Ron Parker
St Lucie West Centennial High School and Private Lesson St Lucie County

Coach Ron is a teacher at St. Lucie West Centennial High School County for 30 years and was also the head football coach at SLWCHS. Ron graduated from Jacksonville State with a degree in education as well as guidance and counseling. He lives in Port St. Lucie with his family and has really caught on to the A Treasure Coast Driving School system used to instruct new drivers. Coach Ron has many students that are sons and daughters of past students so he can't wait to teach them how to drive safely and confidently.

Yenory Mejia PSLHS Guidance Counselor
Port St Lucie High School classroom and ON ROAD Instructor, private Behind The Wheel driving lessons St Lucie and Martin counties / Authorized "ROAD TEST" Examiner

Yenory Mejia was born in Queens, NY but grew up in Boca Raton, FL. Yenory served in the United States Navy after school. After she was discharged she attended Florida Atlantic University – B.A. Multimedia Journalism. She received her Master’s degree in School Counseling from Palm Beach Atlantic University. Yenory has been teaching for 10yrs and has been a School Counselor in St. Lucie County for 3yrs. This is her first year with ATCDSI and is loving it so far. Yenory has taught 10th and 11th grade English, Spanish 1 and Speech/Debate 1-4. She has coached softball and swimming Her main hobbies and interests are swimming, reading, and spending time with her 5 dogs, 4 Lhasa Apso’s named Rosalind, Franklin, Othello, and Frederick and her Chihuahua Ophelia. When asked, “Why do you enjoy teaching driver’s education?” Yenory responded, “I like knowing that I am helping students become better and safer drivers”. Jobs performed at ATCDSI are On Road Instructor in Port St. Lucie. Yenory also runs ATCDSI's program at Port St. Lucie High School.

Dylan Gefke
On Road Instructor for Palm Beach, Martin, & St Lucie Counties

Dylan Gefke, was born in Boston, MA, and attended college at Boston College from 2008-2012, where he received his Bachelor's Degree in Social Sciences. Dylan has been a teacher for 3 years and a resident of Martin County for 5 years. He has had family in the Stuart/Palm City areas since the early 1970s. He has taught Ancient World History in Southern Oaks Middle School in Port St. Lucie. He also coaches the school’s flag football team. Dylan is also co-athletic director of his middle school. Dylan has many areas of interest, which include sports, pop culture, and history in travel. Dylan is also an avid Boston sports fan, attending over 10 championship parades since he was 10.

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