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For Parents Who Want To Know Their Children Are Better Than The Rest!

THE GREEN 12 hour PROGRAM (for only $157 more than 12 hours of on road, but this also includes a FREE ROAD TEST which is valued at $55, so really its only $102 more) consists of 12 Hours one-on-one driving behind the wheel training with free pick up and drop off. Plus a FREE DMV exam (no transportation provided) at one of our testing locations. Also included are 26 hours of online instruction (created by us at ATCDSI) which introduces or solidifies what happens in the car during the on road lessons created and produced by us! The online course is not the same as what you took for the Learner's Permit, just fact after fact or statistics...rather an in depth look at defensive driving techniques and the language of right of ways that will or have been taught in the car. The parents are also emailed as the student makes there way through each chapter of the online course. You can do the online course before, during, or after your on road lessons. Online program is done at your own pace at home and is available 24/7. Your log in credentials for the online course will be emailed any where from 24-72 hours. Support for online program is available from 9-5 weekdays. *CANCELLATION POLICY* Any no shows or cancellation of any on road lesson with less than 24 hours notice to the instructor will result in loss of scheduled hours with NO refund. If it is your first lesson and you cancel with less than 24 hrs. notice or do not show up for the scheduled time, you will owe for the time you had scheduled, even if you have not made a payment yet. *Our office does not handle scheduling of any on road lessons, you must contact your instructor directly about appointments you are unable to make, please be sure to save the instructors number when they first contact you.*

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