Rules & Agreement for Road Test

If you are paying more than $70 for your road test then you are paying too much! YOU MUST USE OUR CAR FOR THE TEST, WE DO NOT ALLOW THE USE OF YOUR OWN CAR. IF YOU WANT TO USE YOUR CAR YOU WILL NEED TO SCHEDULE WITH THE DMV. Please arrive 20 mins prior to the time you select for paperwork (etc. etc.).

There are no cancellations or refunds for ANY reason. There is a $35 fee to reschedule appointments, please make sure you can attend for the date / time you select from the drop down menus. 

Las pruebas en español SOLO están disponibles en la ubicación de West Palm Beach los sábados. Las pruebas en español no están disponibles en ningún otro lugar en ningún día. No se emitirán reembolsos debido a la barrera del idioma.

There will be no refunds issued because of a language barrier, 100% discretion of the examiner. The test is much more involved than “left, right, straight, stop” you must be able to communicate clearly with the examiner. Everyone's safety is at risk if we can't communicate and something happens. The DMV is able if you need the test in languages other than Spanish or English.  

If you pass the test with us, we upload it to the DMV on the spot and give you documentation to take into the DMV / Tax Collector and they print off the license for you. You ARE NOT a licensed driver until you pick the physical license up at the DMV / Tax Collector. Due to COVID you will only be able to pick that up at a DMV in the county which you reside, please call your local DMV to see if you need to make a separate appointment for this. 
  • As long as you have had your Florida learners permit for 365 days or are at least 18 years old WITH A PERMIT (must have permit, regardless of age), you can now take the Road Test 
  • #1 Stuart, 941 SE Central Parkway Stuart Fl 34994, our main hub office. USE OUR CAR ONLY!
  • #2 Ft. Pierce Central High School, 4101 S 25th St, Fort Pierce, FL 34981 (meet in student parking lot BEHIND the school) 
  • #3 West Palm Beach, near Congress/Forest Hill, inside Chris Tighe Insurance Agency. USE OUR CAR ONLY!
  • #4 Vero Beach High School, meet in front lot by Red VBHS letters. USE OUR CAR ONLY

  • There are no refunds or cancellations, once you purchase a spot it is YOURS, please arrive 20 min early.
  • Make sure you have the right location picked before you purchase! Results uploaded to Driver's License office on the spot from our testing pad. Then you go there after to get the picture taken and have license issued.  Please note: DMV offices stop taking customers at 4:15 PM, so keep that in mind when scheduling if you are trying to go the same day.
  • By appointment only and payment must be made online before showing up. DO NOT JUST ARRIVE without paying first again please try and arrive 20 mins early of your scheduled starting time.
  • There are NO refunds or moving of your selected date or time after your initial purchase.  If you must move a date or time for any reason then another charge will occur and the new appointment can only be moved to a day or time AFTER the day or time you have already reserved, it can never be moved earlier.
  • Only a person with a valid FLORIDA learners permit with a picture on it (not just a piece of paper issued by driver’s license office) can use this service. The physical permit must be in your hands, no pictures of the permit will be acceptable.
  • DO NOT DRIVE YOURSELF TO THE APPOINTMENT. You must have a licensed driver over the age of 21 if you are driving to the appointment. If you drive alone with your permit, which is illegal regardless of age, we will not be able to administer the test with no refund given.  
  • It is 100% your responsibility to ensure one year has passed since "the issued date on your permit OR be at least 18 years old before taking any road test".  No refunds will be given once any test has been purchased for any reason...again IT’S YOUR JOB to make sure YOU are in compliance with the year wait or are 18. Also, if you failed at the driver’s license office, you must wait 24 hours until you can be examined again even by us.  Or vice versa (if you fail here you cannot go to the driver’s license office the same day).  
  • We will have a vehicle at the testing site you choose at no additional charge. Our vehicles are courtesy of Treasure Coast Toyota of Stuart and will typically be a Toyota Corolla.
  • Please arrive 20 minutes prior to your start time so you are not late, being late is a problem and may cause you to lose the time slot with NO refund. We have multiple tests in different cities booked by other people who have also paid on the same day...therefore we can't and won't wait on you.
  • If you do not show up for your scheduled time, no refunds will be issued. If it’s raining, you still show up unless WE call you to cancel. Tests can be conducted in the rain and no refunds will be given for cancelling due to rain.
  • If you have already failed a road test with us or with the driver’s license office there is an additional $20.00 fee from the driver’s license office in addition to our $70.00 cost. This $20 fee is only if you have already failed a road test with us or with any driver’s license office and will need to be paid to us before we can start the test. We do not make any money off this $20 charge; it goes straight to the driver’s license office. 
  • If you are a pre-paid customer (meaning a customer who paid for a program called a GREEN PACKAGE) which included 6 hours on road and the ONLINE course you must call 772-220-0510, do not use this system to book because it was included with all Packages. If you only did on road time, you will need to register and pay here on the website.
  • Just because our office says it is closed (on google) or we don't answer the phone, especially on weekends and evening during testing slots DOESN'T mean we aren't conducting Road Tests at that time and locations you signed up for.
  • There are random spot tests that are conducted by the driver’s license office but they are very rare. If you pass with us, you should be able to pass with them as well.
  Authorized State of Florida Road Test Site as per State license #3798.

*"Until the DMV takes your picture and changes your permit to a license you are not a licensed driver, by testing with us you need only to go there to have your picture taken with parent or guardian if under age 18" 



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