"State Certified" DMV Road Testing

***We suggest arriving 15-20 mins prior to your start time...$55.00 for the "State Certified" DMV Road Test if you use our super easy scheduling system (usually you can book within 1-3 days at most) below.  Choose location, then, month, then day from the (3) different drop down menus.  TEST IS GIVEN IN ENGLISH ONLY, so no refunds issued because of a language barrier, 100% discretion of the examiner.  If you pre-paid with your driving package you must call 772-220-0510, do not use this system to book. Car is available at no extra charge...usually a 2018 Toyota Coralla IM courtesy of Treasure Coast Toyota.

If you need it TODAY or a PRIVATE time not listed...its $100 but only Monday thru Friday 10am-4pm ONLY AT STUART LOCATION.  If you need it TODAY or PRIVATE you must call 772-220-0510 and check for possible availability DO NOT USE SCHEDULING SYSTEM BELOW...no transportation to testing site available but our car is for no extra charge.  Prior Failures still will have to add $20 more.  If you failed at a DMV YOU CAN NOT take it with us the same day, no refunds if you do.

  • Only a person with a valid "FLORIDA LEARNERS PERMIT" can utilize this awesome service.
  • ***We suggest arriving 15-20 mins prior to your start time...if you are late you COULD lose your spot and would have to sign up again and pay again as well.  Just because our office says it is closed on google DOESN'T mean we aren't conducting DMV Road Tests at that time after regular business hours.  
  • If you are late you WILL loose the slot (with no refund given) that is why it says be 15-20 minutes early above.. We have multiple tests in different cities booked by other people who have also paid on the same day...therefore we can't and won't wait on you. 
  • Results are uploaded on the spot to the DMV, you leave us and go there, as long as they are open, and you didn'y already fail on the same day...no refunds for this occurrence.
  • To use your vehicle...(you must have valid insurance/registration IN PAPER FORM not saved on your phone/and pass required safety check) or use ours at no additional cost on your part.  We use normal passenger cars with a brake on our side, easy to drive.
  • Once you pay and take a spot there are no refunds for any reason, we will be at the location/time YOU selected!
  • It is 100% your responsibility to assure one year has passed since "the issued date on your permit OR be at least 18 years old before taking any road test".  No refunds will be given once any test has been administered for any reason...again ITS YOUR JOB to make sure YOU are in compliance.  Also if you failed at DMV or TAX COLLECTOR office you must wait 24 hours until you can be examined again even by us.  Or vice versa (if you fail here you can not go to the DMV the same day) Again no refunds for this.
  • If you don't show for the appointment then no refunds will be given, if its raining YOU STILL show up UNLESS we call you on the cell phone number that you provided during the registration!
  • By Appointment Only and YOU MUST PAY $55.00 online before showing up or call 772-220-0510 and pay over the phone with our office staff prior to showing up.  DO NOT JUST ARRIVE without paying first.
  • If you have already failed a road test with us or with the DMV then be aware that there is an additional $20.00 DMV charge from the DMV PLUS $55.00 to reserve a spot with us  to equal a $75.00 total.  AGAIN this $20 is only if you have already failed a road test with us or with the DMV. (This extra $20.00 will be paid by YOU to US before the test begins...the DMV charges us the extra $20 because of prior failures on your part.  We do not make any money off this $20 charge, it goes straight to the DMV.
  • Again missed or late arrivals, already failed at DMV same day, will not be refunded.
You Must book 24 hours in advance with us, that is what  *24 hr Notice Required means below unless you are paying $100 for same day service.

Call 772-220-0510 for rates if you want to be picked up and delivered to the testing sites in our car.  Not available for same day service

Purchase Online: $55.00 *24 hr Notice Required.

Step 1: Test Location & Time


Step 2: Registration Information


Required if registrant is under 18 years old.
Birth Date