Client Testimonials

“ The old saying goes "Something that you get for FREE is usually not very good", well I can't believe that my daughter received FREE driving lessons along with classrooms instruction. Just because she is currently enrolled in Martin or St Lucie County Schools and has her learners permit. This is a great program and we saved TONS OF MONEY off our insurance to. Thanks for all your help A Treasure Coast Driving School. Also thanks for not ripping us off on the drug and alcohol class like the lower priced schools who trick you by saying $7.95, $12,95 and so on. They just add the $$$$ after you finish the class. You guys were straight up the whole way through the process from beginning to end...thanks again! ”

Edward C. From Port St Lucie

“ Hi. I just wanted to thank you for the lessons for my daughter, Danica H. Will you please tell Brad that she did pass her driving test? She was very happy that she passed it the first time. You were very helpful and always willing to work with us, and we are grateful. I told our neighbor about you, and I’m pretty sure they used you for their son. Thank you very much. April Hargett Vero Beach ”

April H. From Vero Beach

“ Thank you for the completed INSURANCE MONEY SAVING certificate. I would highly recommend this course to everyone who has a teenager needing instruction. Her instructor Jodi was WONDERFU! I am so glad my daughter took this course. Jupiter is now a safer place to drive haha. Karen H. ”

Karen H. From Jupiter

“ John, I just spoke with Robyn W. from PALM BEACH GARDENS and just wanted to let you know that she said Rory Lumbari did an amazing job with her daughter and that she was very, very happy with him and will highly recommend our company to all of her friends and coworkers. She said he gave 110% effort and was just amazing. ”

ATCDSI Office Manager to owner

“ Jim, I was a student of yours at Fort Pierce Westwood High School and I called for some additional private lessons after the FREE high school course. Since you were my instructor and you are already teaching me I would want you for those lessons. Thanks Maureen B. ”

Maureen from Fort Pierce

“ I just wanted to compliment your driving school and especially instructor Rob Romano. My granddaughter Cameron W. took her Driver’s Ed from him a month or so ago. We just returned from vising her and she drove us most of the time we were there, she is a skilled, competent ,confident driver! I honestly can say this was the best money I have spent in a long time! Sincerely, Becky H. ”

Betty H. from Jensen Beach

“ Bill, Here is a new student Cory F. for you. The mom Leann F. requested you because you worked with one of their friends children about three months ago. Keep up the great work! ”

Office manager to Bill (ATCDSI driver)

“ Troy, I just got finished speaking with Mackenzie E's mom and she spoke glowingly of the work you did with her daughter and she will be recommending us to all of her friends and we will get her future business when her other children (twins) are ready to do driving lessons in a year or so. Thank you for the wonderful way you represented A Treasure Coast Driving School and the great job you always do! She is very, very happy with you and they will be sharing our name with all of their friends and coworkers about the outstanding job that you did with MacKenzie. She passed her Driver's Test on the 1st try and drove her mom home in the rain yesterday. Thank you, ”

Office manager to Troy (ATCDSI Driver)

“ Thank you for exceeding my expectations with your great service. When i was searching on line what is the accessible and recommended driving school near our home i found five company and A Treasure Coast is third call i made that day to ask for driving packages. When Jeffrey answered the call, i can feel his relax tone, accommodating voice and understood his precise explanation of packages. I didn't hear that in four other company i called. Jeffrey gave me what service i needed and appropriate taking into considerations of my request to have a female instructor. I don't mean to be sexes or offend anyone, i requested this to Jeffrey because i just migrated in U.S. 30y/o never driven a car where i'm from and born with three sisters, only Mama to be with us(my father died when i was four years old) so i feel comfortable to learn with female instructor. Jeffrey is great frontliner, he is an asset to your company. Whoever answer the phone is the entrance to whatever you'll get into so talking to Jeffrey is great introduction what we will experience to our driving sessions. When i talked to C.W. my instructor to work our schedule, i feel that i can rely on her.(take note that just on the phone). When i met C.W., her aura and behavior made me feel at ease. She make sure that she shared to me about the contract, company background and working with great people. She gave me instruction and taught me with patience, calm and adequate information. Sure helps that brake pedal at instruction side (thank you for customize car for student driving). Perfect Time management and good attitude are just few of C.W.'s great characteristics. Great idea about hiring or having Jupiter Christian School or any school teacher as your driving instructors. High respect and gifted spirit from Teachers, thank you! The package price is reasonable too. The car is good practice and appropriate size for first time drivers, signs sure helps when it says"Student driver" thank you for that. Clean and neutral smell of the car, i like it. Neat and clean car, stirring wheel, mirrors,seats and seatbelt, i like it. Yes! i already started sharing my great experience to family, friends, acquaintances and Church-mates. More customers to come, good business for you all. I still have more time to go and looking forward of more great experience. Pls. Pass it forward, your employees are Excellent! Exceeded my expectation with sincere heart, great service guaranteed! Maraming Salamat po ( Thank you very much ) Cheers to safety! Respectfully yours, Dubhe Seat Currie ”

Dubhe Seat Currie From West Palm Beach

“ C.W. Just wanted to let you know I just got done talking with the Mendelsohn's they love working with you. Also they just increased the total package of behind the wheel lessons to 20 total hours. So they have 14 more hours and they might be adding a couple more after that. They were amazed at what you accomplished in 6 hours so they figured who better than you to drive with their son. They mentioned that they can't wait to finish driving his required year of road time but only after you are with him first. This is their second child and mom said "Why didn't we do this with our first?" Thanks Jeff. ”

Office manager to C.W. (ATCDSI Driver)

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