Online Driver Ed Class

How long does it take to complete the online program?

The online program is something we have created that goes along with your on road lessons. It DOES NOT have anything to do with what you've already done for the learner's permit, this course actually teaches you what to do behind the wheel such as right of way rules and various defensive driving techniques. This course takes about 20 hours to complete and can be done at your own pace from the comfort of your own home.


What is your refund policy?

No refunds will be given for any completed lessons.

Refunds for incompleted lessons can be given on a pro-rated basis. If a student signs up for eight hours of lessons and the instructor, parent, and student feel they only need six hours, we will refund the remaining two hours upon request. 

There are no refunds for missed road test appointments or if you fail. If you need to reschedule a road test there is a $35 reschedule fee. 

There are no refunds for the online course included in packages. 

Permit Classes

How old do I need to be to start classes and get my permit?

You can take the 4 hour online drug and alcohol class and permit test online before you turn 15, but you will not be eligible to pick up the permit at the DMV until after you turn 15. 

How do I get my learner's permit?

You must complete the 4 hour drug and alcohol course and pass the learner's permit test to obtain a permit. 

If you are over 18 the permit test must be done at the DMV, you cannot do it online. 

Ticket Classes

How do I know which ticketing class to take?

Please be sure to read the back of the ticket and select the correct option if you are electing to take traffic school and pay the ticket. Typically you will need the 4 hour course unless you have been court ordered to take the 8 or 12 hour courses. 

What do I do after I complete the online class?

After you complete the course you will need to turn in your certificate of completion to the clerk of courts in the county you recieved the ticket. 

Behind-the-Wheel Driving Lessons

How old do I have to be to take driving lessons?

You must be at least 15 years old and have a valid learner's permit. 

How do I schedule a behind-the-wheel lesson?

After you register, an instructor will contact you within 3-5 business days to start going over the scheduling of the lessons.

Do you offer home pick-up and drop-off?

Yes, pick-up and drop-off from home is the standard and included in the cost.

How long are the lessons?

Driving lessons are typically two hours long. Sometimes they might be only one hour, depending on instructor availability.

Will I have the same instructor for every lesson?

Yes, we believe that having the same instructor for every lesson is vital to your learning process since they know what skills you have and what needs to be improved.

Can I use my own car?

No, all lessons must be done in our training vehicles that have a second brake for the instructor.

Do I need to provide my own car insurance?


How long does it take to complete driver ed?

This varies depending on the student since every student has a different prior experience and learning pace. Typically, students start with six hours. Our instructors will give you more feedback on how many total hours you need after the initial lesson.

Road Testing

Can a student take a road test before they turn 16?

No, students are only eligible to take their road test once they have held their permit for a full 365 days since the permit was issued. (Check your issued date listed on your permit). 


Can I take my road test without waiting when I turn 18?

If you are 18 years or older you may take your test whenever you are ready, as long as you have a Florida Learner's Permit. 

Can I take a road test with an International License?

Yes & No, as a 3rd party we are only able to administer tests to people with a Florida Learner's Permit so you only have to go back to DMV and tell them you are taking a test with a 3rd Party TPA and you need the permit to register with the 3rd Party TPA. Please contact your local DMV its not a big deal but it is a requirement for all 3rd Party TPA's that you must have a permit in your posession to show us.

Can I use my own vehicle for a road test?

No, all testing must be done in our own vehicles for safety. All vehicles are Toyota Corolla's. 

What if my permit expires before I take my road test?

You will need to renew your permit at the DMV before being able to take your test. 

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my road test?

Please contact our office at 772-220-0510. There is a $35 rescheduling fee. 

What is required to pass the road test?

There are several maneuvers and a few questions you need to know, these can all be found in the Florida Driver's Handbook on pages 88 and 89. 

What happens if I fail the road test?

If you fail a test, you cannot take it again for at least 24 hours and will need to pay for another appointment.