Take the DMV road test with our driving school.

There are no cancellations or refunds for ANY reason. It's your responsibility to ensure you comply with the following requirements and schedule the appointment according to your and your transportation's availability.

  • You must use our car for the road test. If you want to use your car, you must take the test at the DMV.
  • Arrive 20 minutes before your appointment to complete the paperwork.
  • There is a $40 fee to reschedule appointments. If you must reschedule, the date must be later than your initial appointment.
  • Tests are given in Spanish and English. No refunds will be issued because of a language barrier; 100% discretion of the examiner. The test is much more involved than "left, right, straight, stop." You must be able to communicate clearly with the examiner. If you need the test in another language, you must take the test at the DMV.
  • You ARE NOT a licensed driver until you pick up your license at the DMV. Upon passing the test, your test is immediately uploaded to the DMV. DMV offices stop taking customers at 4:15 PM, so keep that in mind when scheduling if you are trying to go the same day.
  • The DMV conducts random spot tests, which are very rare. If you pass with us, you should also be able to pass with them.
  • Road Test ($75)

    You must have a valid Florida learner's permit with a picture on it (not just a piece of paper issued by the DMV) to take the road test. The physical permit must be in your hands; no pictures are accepted.

    If you are under 18, you must have held the permit for at least 365 days, and a parent/guardian must accompany you to the DMV to get your license.

    If you have already failed a road test (anywhere), there is a $20 fee from the DMV in addition to the $75 cost of the road test. This fee will need to be paid before we can start the test.

    If you have already purchased a package from us that included a road test, please view availability at the link below but do not book online, give us a call at 772-220-0510 and tell us what date and time you found that works for you.